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Watch Dogs 2 PC version will be also released on November 15?

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The PC version of Watch Dogs 2 is currently scheduled for November 29 but some clues would suggest to an early launch to coincide with the editions for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, coming on 15th November.


One of the most anticipated titles of this month of November is surely also one of the most discussed, especially with regard to the PC users: in the past weeks it has indeed held forth the postponement of a few weeks of the PC version of Watch Dogs 2.

In the last several hours online stores have updated the availability date of Watch Dogs 2 on PC. Originally the game was scheduled for November 15, but a few weeks ago Ubisoft announced that the PC version would take more time to be completed and that therefore it would only be available on 29 November.

Just four hours ago, Ubisoft has changed the release date in the database of Steam and the same was done on Uplay, both the store now show the date of 15 November for the release of Windows.

So, is the title also ready to debut simultaneously on PC to the console versions of the game? The situation is not very clear, as Watch Dogs 2 is officially scheduled for next week on consoles and 29 of the same month on PC, we will update you promptly whichever should change.

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