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Watch Dogs 2 New Video Reveals The Protagonist Marcus and Hacker Group

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Ubisoft has released a preview of Watch Dogs 2 which reveals new facts about Marcus, the game’s protagonist, and his group of hackers DedSec.

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft has released a new video about Watch Dogs 2. In the material of the cast play, it tells the story of their characters and the storyline. This is the first recording of a new cycle, in which the authors intend to present the various elements of production.

At the beginning of the adventure, Marcus is a young hacker who for the first time in his life discovers a sense of family and the joys of integrating a community with its DedSec peers. The character has nothing to do with the boring Aiden Pearce: Marcus is described as funny and combative.

The video explains that, first of all, Marcus seeks for justice and is therefore determined to fight against the system. With the help of his colleagues, he hopes to turn things around and regain the freedom that the citizens of San Francisco have lost.

This clip is the first part of a series called Remote Access that will cover several aspects of the game in the coming weeks. In the past, Ubisoft has said it has high expectations of this title and believes that the game could become the best selling in its history.

Watch Dogs 2 will arrive on November 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the video below: