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Watch Dogs 2 latest patch extends the ending and hints at a sequel

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Among the various innovations introduced with the last update of Watch Dogs 2, the patch 1.11 has stretched a few seconds of the end of the adventure, revealing a potential clue about the city in which you may set the sequel to the free-roaming weblog of Ubisoft.

The patch 1.11 for Watch Dogs 2 was released yesterday and all the players of the Ubisoft title have again ventured into the main adventure. However, some users have found a curious connection to what could be, without too many turns of phrase, the main location of the next episode of the series.

SPOILER WARNING: The video shown at the bottom portrays the final sequence of the game, so we do not recommend watching it if you still have not completed the adventure.

If you see the video from minute 2:17, in fact, you may notice some signs that point to the coordinates of Brixton (a district of London). It seems that the English city may have something to do with the future of the saga? And what about you, would you like to play in the next setting?

The patch 1.11 also introduces a lot of fixes and new elements, ranging from the actual content to optimizations, especially on PC. As for content, the patch 1.11 introduces new dances for Marcus, new emotes, clothing, Respawn in Bounty Hunter and apparently some new elements into the final mission of the single player and slightly expand the story as disucssed above.