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Warner Bros Montreal Releases the New Teaser of Batman Game on Social Media

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Warner Bros Montreal released the latest teaser of Batman that was the most awaited game. People are crazy about it because Batman has its own fans.

After the teaser fans are so detective and have gathered the latest clues of the game. Batman is the most famous character, and most of the images come in recent teasers.

The company released it on many social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with the caption “Cape Sur La Nuit / Capture the Knight.”

Here you can see the new logos that feature the court of owls. Besides the previous teaser was released by the Scott Synder along the hashtag #bewarergecourtofowls.

Actually, the court of owls is a secret group who kidnaps children and make assassins. There was also a villain and introduced in 2011. Fans are depicting that circle represents four characters in which Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne also included.

However, all these are spoilers, no official announcement is made regarding it, but one thing is confirmed that the new batman game will release soon. Gotham City is also an integral part of batman and would be a great part of the game.

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