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Warframe Open World Expansion Plains of Eidolon will release this year

Recently, Digital Extremes has announced a new expansion dedicated to Warframe that will radically change the game experience, called as Plains of Eidolon.

Warframe, the free-to-play title of Digital Extremes, has been a success on PC since reaching the platform since 2013. Since then, its managers have been updating the title and adding content for free to maintain its large base of players hooked to this successful work.

Digital Extremes has announced a new expansion that will revolutionize the gaming experience offered by Warframe. The free-to-play game based on Sci-Fi will be expanded soon with Plains of Eidolon, a new game content that will introduce the open world setting for the first time.

With this new expansion, players will have the opportunity to gather in the city, interact with merchants and other NPCs, and group together (up to 4 participants) to deal with the new quests, which will, of course, gain a whole range of new equipment. To navigate the vast open world areas, players can make use of the suits that were already being used for missions set in space.

As explained by the project managers, this expansion will be able to surprise all users of the game, no matter how old they are. The work with the NPCs has paid off and we will find a much more lively city, as well as improvements in volumetric lighting that will make the newly introduced daytime cycle incredibly well. Digital Extremes has also highlighted the work in the sound section, where, according to them, have achieved a great improvement that will make us enjoy more of this expansion.

At the bottom of the news, you can take a look at the trailer dedicated to the expansion and 17 minutes of gameplay video as well, along with the teaser trailer “The Sacrifice”.

The Plains of Eidolon expansion will release on PC and PS4 by 2017.

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