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Warframe Will Be Coming to Nintendo Switch Soon

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Digital Extremes today announced in TennoCon that they will bring all the action of Warframe to Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, a precise release date was not revealed.

Warframe debuted in 2013 for PC and PlayStation 4 and was later released for Xbox One in 2014. It is a third-person shooter that has a solid base of players on Steam due to its free-to-play system.

Also, we know that the Warframe port for Nintendo Switch will be developed by Panic Button, who previously brought the ports of Rocket League and DOOM to the hybrid console.

According to the trailer released by Digital Extremes, the game will come to Nintendo Switch with its cooperative qualities. For now, there are no more details, so it would be best to wait until the studio releases new information.

In Warframe, players embody the Tennos, a humanoid race against many other factions wanting to control the solar system. This is a third-person shooter game, where firearms or melee are at the heart of the gameplay, allowing many opportunities during the fighting.