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Want to Travel during Corona? Go by Car!

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Your parents live in another city and you want to go there to see if they’re doing well. You need to see a client for an important business meeting. Or you have planned a weekend away to a holiday cottage with your partner. Whatever the reason may be, you need to travel to be able to reach the destination. You wanted to travel during Corona, however, is a little bit different from what it’s normally like. We strongly advise you to go by car when possible! In this article, we tell you more about it.


Avoid public transport 

Public transport can be pretty busy. A bus, tram, or train is quite small, so it’s impossible to avoid all people travel during Corona, especially during high season. In these vehicles, it’s simply easier to become infected, and that’s of course not what you want. In addition, it’s not only for your own safety but also for the safety of passengers that need to use public transport for their job; for example, people that work in a hospital, nursing home, or fire department. If we all skip public transport, they can travel in a much safer way. 

Empty roads

If you normally go to work, you might often get stuck in traffic. However, as many people work from home nowadays, it’s very quiet on the roads. This gives you the opportunity to finally get to your destination in time!

More flexibility

Especially if you have planned a week or long weekend away to a country nearby, we advise you to go by car. It might take a little longer than a plane, but it gives you way more flexibility – which is very useful in times of Corona. There are many examples of people traveling by plane who were not able to fly back to their home countries because the country of destination changed to a so-called “code-red-country”. If you go by car, you gain more flexibility. You simply jump in the car and move on!

Many rental options

If you don’t have a car of your own but want to avoid public transport, there are lots of options for renting one. Look for a company that has a location nearby, so you can easily walk or bike there. Diks car rental, for example, has six locations in and around Amsterdam with one in Almere. So if you want to rent a car in Almere (Dutch: auto huren Almere), you can go there. At Diks you can rent many vehicles for many activities. You can, for example, rent a small van (Dutch: bestelbus huren) or rent a car for winter sports (Dutch: auto huren wintersport). If you don’t have a car of your own, they can help you in many ways.