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Volume game Patch for PS4 download available soon

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Volume is going to get a new patch for PS4 and PC edition. The game is already released on PS4 and PC and it is also going to come on PS Vita. The game offers a decent gameplay with some unique storyline. There is a new patch coming for which the game developer is working on offering better output and stability. The patch would come evenly on different platforms.

The information about the patch came out from the game developers end. They are working on some new enhancements that might appear soon offering some extra features and a lot of fixes. For example issues with game checkpoints will be fixed. This is in the game and after getting the patch it will remain active.

Volume Game Image
Volume Game Image

The patch will be adding a difficult mode Volume game that will offer a competitive gameplay to the players. So if you are a pro in the game then wait back for the patch to enjoy this new difficult mode which will be more challenging.

Volume Game Description:

Robert Locksley is a petty thief who stumbles upon a device known as “Volume”. Originally intended to be used as part of a secret military coup, Robert now has the ability to simulate high-profile heists, so what does he choose to do? Broadcast these crimes over the internet of course! Featuring the voice talents of Danny Wallace, Charlie McDonnell and Andy Serkis, this postmodern twist on Let’s Play videos employs slick design and stealth driven gameplay to bring its VR levels to life. You’ll need to combine a range of gadgets with a theif’s cunning to conquer all one hundred levels. Volume also offers you the chance to play as the games master, with a range of tools allowing you to build your very own heist levels to share with the online community.

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