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Volition explains the connection between Saints Row and Agents of Mayhem

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If you’re a fan of Saints Row, you’re probably wondering where Agents of Mayhem fits into the most successful Volition franchise. Fortunately, the game’s design director, Anoop Shekar, talked about this.

Shekar said during an interview with GameSpot that Agents of Mayhem “not part of the Saints Row series, per se,” rather it is a series of references to previous games that Volition has made. “Agents of Mayhem is really its own game. We have characters from Saints Row but the Agents of Mayhem versions are different than what you’re going to see in a Saints Row game,” he explained.

However, the design director revealed that Agents of Mayhem is part of the Saint Row timeline, in a way. “At the end of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, Johnny Gat is presented with a decision from God, where he can do one of many things. One of them is to create a new universe,” he said. “So Agents of Mayhem is sort of like the idea if that universe was created, this might be one of those.”

Shekar also explained that Agents of Mayhem is having a eighties look which is related to his love for GI Joe, as many of the studio grew up with this series in the 1980s. “We thought it would be cool to do a modern, humorous take on that aspect of our lives and things we grew up on. But we have to make sure it was in a modern context so people who didn’t experience those things would still understand and appreciate it.” You can check the entire interview on the GameSpot page here.

Agents of Mayhem will debut on August 15 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Volition has ruled out that they are working on a version for Nintendo Switch.