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Voice Actor Says “You Are Not Ready” for The Last of Us Part II

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Gradually, the news related to The Last of Us Part II begins to be more abundant. The latest rumors and leaks spoke of new release date, changes and new plans within Naughty Dog to adapt to Sony’s commercial requirements for 2020. However, the latest news comes from a part of the title’s own casting member: Troy Baker. The famous voice actor, one of the best known in the industry, has confirmed that the hype for the game is more than justified. Or so he thinks.

Troy Baker, during his talk at one of the panels of Comic-Con in Manchester (United Kingdom), has remained quite cautious in relation to his expected participation in the desired sequel to The Last of Us. However, before the questions of fans and attendees, Baker could not contain himself and stated that “you are not ready” for The Last of Us Part II.

Given the history of Naughty Dog, and the narrative, the technical aspect and the particular wrap around the first video game, Baker, who is an expert in encouraging staff with their work, seems to advance a new milestone for the studio. He is not the only actor who is participating in this project and feels more than satisfied with the result of his work.

The Last of Us Part II will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4, and still has no official release date.


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