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Vivendi is considering a hostile bid for Ubisoft by this year-end

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According to the financial press, Vivendi remains determined to make a hostile move on Ubisoft to gain control of the French company. The move would probably take place later this year.

A new report of Bloomberg opens the possibility that Vivendi, the French media giant, will make its move for the full acquisition of Ubisoft later this year.

Vivendi spent some time buying shares of the company and by the end of 2016 has already controlled 25% of its shares. In April the financial press and market analysts already said that Vivendi was preparing to launch an acquisition, and the latest information collected by financial means point in the same direction.

According to Bloomberg, Vivendi is currently discussing internally what offer to launch the takeover bid on Ubisoft, so that the majority of shareholders agree to sell their assets. Thus, Vivendi would become majority shareholder, becoming the owner of Ubisoft.

For now, it seems that Vivendi seems more inclined to reach some sort of agreement than to force a hostile takeover, but the founding family of the Guillemot gala company have not accepted the offers of Vivendi. In fact, Yves Guillemot and the family has made moves to increase their percentage of the company they founded and have more strength before a possible takeover bid.