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Visage New Chapter, Silent Hills P.T.-inspired Game, Releases July 3

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SadSquare Studio announced that the second and final part of Visage will release on 3 July 2019.

Visage is a psychological horror game that was strongly inspired by Konami’s Silent Hills P.T. To celebrate this announcement, the team has also released a new trailer for Visage New Chapter which you can see at the end of this news.

This new chapter will bring another 4 or 6 hours of terrifying gameplay to the game. Furthermore, it is said that this chapter is the final step before the full launch. No other content will be made available in Early Access (except for corrections and changes to the gameplay) and the team will share more information on game development next week.

SadSquare Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for this game and after 8 months from its Early Access version, the game is full of all its content.

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About Visage:

Visage is a surreal psychological horror game taking place in an old, gigantic house where unfathomable horror hides behind the banalities of a normal, but ever-changing house. You play Dwayne, a mysterious man haunted by malign entities of the past. As you venture in the surreal world, you learn of the stories that ties you to this horrific place. Your goal is to uncover the truth behind it all. Will you have the courage to dig deeper, or will you coward into oblivion?

Visage is still in development. It will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4.