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Virtuos Recommends Nintendo Switch Not To Be Treated as a “Secondary Platform”

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Virtuos, a studio specialized in adapting and remastering of games, has come out in defense of the potential of Nintendo Switch and advises that the platform should not be treated as a “secondary” console. The team has worked on different versions for the console, including games such as Dark Souls Remastered or Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

In an interview with, the Vice President of Virtuos games, Elijah Freeman, advises the video game industry not to treat Nintendo Switch as “a secondary platform,” as it is an investment in the future and in many cases can rejuvenate brands.

Virtuos does not want Switch to be treated as a secondary console

“The first thing we recommend is not treating the Switch as a secondary platform and to plan for a simultaneous, day one release of the Switch version of your game,” says Freeman. “Look towards the Switch as a way to rejuvenate a brand. The audience is younger than those who typically own other consoles, so having your IP on the Switch is a great way to invest in the future.”

Next, Freeman points out that implementing special features and extra content means that developers can maximize their income, since they would capture the public’s attention for Switch.

“The second recommendation is to add special features and extra content; simple efforts that only incur a marginal workload impact, but can prove to double the interest from both Nintendo and the Switch player-base, consequentially doubling the revenue potential.”

So, in short, for Virtuos it is a mistake that developers do not have Switch in their future plans: “Not taking advantage of the biggest portable gaming platform in the market today could even be seen as a lost opportunity.”

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