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Vinyl or Polyester Fabric Custom Backdrops – Which One’s Better?

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It’s time for your brand to attend tradeshows and corporate marketing events! For almost two years, these events were held at a standstill due to the COVID19 pandemic. Thankfully, these events are back, and brands of all sizes are preparing to attend them. Custom Backdrops-

If your business is attending these events, you’re probably wondering how to set your brand apart from other exhibitors. Competition for attention at these events is fierce. How much attention your brand is able to generate depends on the types of marketing materials you use. 

Custom-Printed Backdrops for Event Marketing 

The better the quality of your event marketing materials, the more attention your brand will generate. Custom-printed backdrops have always been one of the most important event marketing tools of all time. 

These backdrops typically feature a brand’s name and its logo. Brand leaders use these items at events to attract audiences and make them take photographs in front of the backdrops. Every picture an attendee takes becomes an indirect marketing tool for the brand. 

However, to make your event backdrops stand out, you have to make them the focus of your presentations at events. Choosing a backdrop made of high-quality materials is a key part of achieving this objective. 

When it comes to premium-quality custom backdrops, there are two main material options – vinyl and polyester. Let’s explore the two materials’ key qualities to determine which one’s better suited to represent your brand at events –

Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl was a popular backdrop manufacturing material because it’s cheap and durable. Vinyl is a weatherproof material. Manufacturers can even UV-treat this material to make it sun-resistant. Hence, rain, sunlight, or other weather elements will never be able to damage your vinyl backdrops. 

  • However, vinyl backdrops are still considered to be low-quality, budget items by marketing companies and exhibitors. 
  • Vinyl backdrops also pick up wrinkles and creases very easily. Vinyl is stiff and non-porous. Hence, stretching or bending vinyl backdrops ruins their structure. 
  • These factors make vinyl backdrops very hard to travel with. You’ll have to fold these backdrops to pack and transport them. Folding vinyl backdrops inevitably results in wrinkles and creases.

Polyester Fabric 

Polyester fabric is such a durable and wrinkle-resistant material that companies manufacture menswear with this material. The stretch-resistant nature of this fabric material instantly makes it easier to use than vinyl backdrops. Plus, manufacturers can perform dye-sublimation printing on these banners. 

  • In dye-sublimation printing, the printing ink is injected inside the polyester fabric. Hence, the colors or graphics on your polyester backdrops will always be fade-resistant. 
  • If you’re planning on using your backdrops outdoors, you can even get UV-resistant ink. UV-resistant ink on polyester backdrops doesn’t fade due to sunlight exposure. 
  • These backdrops look crisp and high-quality even when they age. Plus, this material is machine washable. Users can even iron their polyester fabric backdrops.

Which is Better?

Overall, both vinyl and polyester backdrops are highly durable. But, polyester fabric backdrops are machine washable. Hence, they’re easier to maintain for longer periods. Plus, polyester fabric backdrops don’t pick up tears or wrinkles. They’re better than vinyl backdrops because they maintain their beauty for significantly longer periods.