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How playing video games is good for our health?

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If there is one hobby that parents have misunderstood more than any other in recent decades, it’s gaming. Of course, confinement in the gaming room, red eyes, and inability to concentrate after long sessions certainly did not help, nor did they give them the right reasons. However, not only teenagers love to play video games. Find how playing video games is good for you.

Adults worldwide play games not only on PCs or their consoles but also on their mobile devices. Studies have found that they spent almost three hours a day playing games and sport bet. They have found ways to entertain themselves as teenagers do but on a different level. Are video games much less guilty than we think? Have they been accused without a basis for a long time? Several scientific studies conducted from 2007 to date show that computer games and consoles have helped develop skills and, in some cases, eliminate discrimination. But let us look more specifically at the conclusions of the scientific community.


Increased social sensitivity

According to a 2010 survey of 1102 teens of both sexes, 65% play with friends while only 24% play alone, and only 27% of young gamers do not play with friends but with people they have never met in their life. The most impressive data emerges from the data analysis, as everything shows that gaming sensitizes adolescents to issues of politics and charity.

Increase thinking speed

Anyone who has played games at least once in their life probably understands what we are talking about. This became very apparent in a 2008 survey as the 103 participants (divided into three groups according to their gaming experience) were asked to take a post-thinking speed test. Obviously, experienced gamers could cope much better than beginners, or more so than those who had no contact with the object.

Reduction of social stereotypes

The 48 students (aged 19 to 30) who were invited to participate in this 2007 survey, which within a month of engaging in video games showed that there might initially have been a difference in perception of space between men and women, but games worked positively to eliminate the differences. After about 30 days, the women had “equalized” or even exceeded the ability of men.

What about mental health?

Many people believe that you only waste your time and destroy your mental health when you play video games. However, while playing video games is good for you because you can experience many positive emotions and increase your self-esteem—feelings like excitement.

What about general health?

As is well known, physiotherapy/kinesiotherapy after serious accidents is a time consuming and painful process, which is often delayed or bypassed by patients, thus preventing their complete cure. The researchers created a video game and incorporated it into patients’ exercise bikes. Then they noticed that most people put in the back of their minds that they are in a period of recovery and started spending more time on the bike, chasing dragons, and collecting coins!

“Game therapy” finds application in other more serious diseases, such as cancer, with the game Re-mission by HopeLab. This is a first-person shooter where the player controls Roxxi and moves inside the body, killing cancer cells and seeking cures. In this case, it was observed that patients who played for at least one hour per week maintained higher chemotherapy levels in their blood and began to take more antibiotics. Their morale was revived, and they treated their treatment with more optimism!


Depending on your character, you can find all the good things that gaming can offer. Also, whatever you decide to do, you won’t have positive results if you overdo it as too much was never good for anyone. If you manage the time you spent playing, you won’t be dealing with any of the negative effects of gaming. Plenty of gamers have a successful life while playing; they improve their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. So, just pay attention not to play too much and you will be fine.