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Video Games: Downloadable Digital Content vs. DVD

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When internet speed was not so great, what we have today, DVD’s was the only hardware that can hold up high size video games. But today things have changed. We have online game stores like Steam, Origin, etc. This store offers desktop based client that allow you to get all new games directly on your hard drive. Rather going out and waiting for a game DVD you can download its content on your pc, and activate it through a simple procedure. But still it is noted that gamers do not love downloading. They prefer to go with a DVD.


The reason could be the habit or a notion that DVD’s are more better and reliable compare to download. They are easy to access and you can store games for longer period. To some extent game developer are also responsible for this. Like a recent release game based on Batman, was having poor PC performance. After downloading GB’s of data if end user finds it difficult to play, they lose their confidence in it. Game size is also gradually increasing. For example a 25GB Game download if interrupted, the files can get damaged that later will cause the game to crash. On the other hand if the same game is installed from a DVD that sold by the official game company, you get more reliable files.

Still it is long time when online downloads will completely replace DVD’s. But that won’t be so easy unless each and every person who is buying the game is having a very high bandwidth. In case if the download is damage or corrupted, the person has to re-download everything back again. It would be easier if the game size can remain less than 5GB. But that is also not possible due to HD quality. On consoles also online download is possible, but rather doing that and waiting for the game to download, gamers prefer to jump of and order a DVD form online or offline stores.

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