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Venture Kid Playable Demo download available now

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Venture Kid is an 8bit retro action game that is available for Windows and iOS platform. A playable game demo is out for those who want to play and test the same. In today’s time when players have too much option to go with big tiles on PC and console, Venture Kid is a kind of refreshment for those who want to play a very basic game to kill time. The game demo offers you many things to understand how it really works and what new things are in it. The game is having a very old UI that you had seen long back when there were games like contra, Mario, etc. The game is having great design with lots of levels. It would be entertaining if you are not thinking much about HD graphics. The game offers you simple control and a lot of boss fights. You can use your controller to play it easily. It also offers you a simple gameplot where you have to destroy a weapon created by Dr. Teklov.

Venture Kid Screenshot
Venture Kid Screenshot

This type of game remains in the news due to its unique gameplay. There are ample of game developers who are working on the HD part and releasing more impressive game. I do not really think this game has any kind of competition. But it is having a small fan following also. It is also limited in terms of platform. So if you really want to try it then a demo is available that you can play and test and find out a bit more about Venture Kid.

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Download Venture Kid playable beta demo from here.