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Vaping Is a Friendly Stuff for Gamers

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Video gaming has been a staple of many lives for years. The latest games are superbly interactive and engaging and feature stunning graphics and exciting storylines. Whether you’re a fan of these or of retro games you’ll know what we mean when we say that gaming is addictive! A great way to relax after a hard day at work is to load a game and settle back for some fun. Shoot ‘em ups, strategy games, and multi-player games are all good for fun, but there’s something else that is also becoming popular with gamers.

Vaping is frequently seen as a partner for gamers. There are many reasons why the vaping, gaming and cannabis or CBD markets cross each other, so let’s have a look why that should be. 

Why is Vaping Popular with Gamers?

A few statistics for you: the average gamer in the USA is 34 years old. 70% of all gamers are 18 and over, and some 45% of Americans play a video game daily. Looking at that age and you can see why weed lovers in particular are quite likely to be gamers. The demographic of the typical gamer is similar to that of the typical vape user.

Vapers are mostly in the 18-29 years range, which puts them squarely in the same group as gamers. Furthermore, what game isn’t enhanced by enjoying weed or CBD, or even your favorite e-liquid? It makes life a lot easier to vape and play, and it’s a lot safer than smoking. If you’re a gamer looking at vaping we’ve got an example of a vape pen that would be a great choice.

What Vape Pen Should I Choose? 

For the record, vape pens are so-called because the early models were long and thin, like a pen. Nowadays they come in a range of shapes and sizes, but the name has stuck. Early models were very basic, and had few features, and in most cases, you needed to refill once it was empty. The modern vape pen comes in refillable and disposable forms, with the latter becoming more popular as they are convenient, cheap and easy to use. 

Things have come a long way since you would buy a disposable pen and get, say, 300 hits from it before you needed a new one. Models such as the Hyde REBEL 4500 Puffs disposable vape pen are now setting the standard in terms of quality, price, and also efficiency. 4500 puffs are going to last even a heavy user a long time!

Where Should I Buy a Vape Pen? 

Now, over the years there have been new stories of people vaping and contracting dangerous lung diseases. What is not always made clear is that these people bought their pens and substances on the black market. They were illegal devices using products not grown in the USA that were contaminated.

Always buy from a reputable retailer that is fully licensed. Check as an example of an established, leading retailer with a reputation for quality products and great service. They guarantee that everything they sell has been tested for quality, comes from licenced and respected manufacturers, and they only stock the leading names.

The link between vaping and gaming is quite clear from the above – people who play video games are quite simply the same sort of people who will enjoy legal cannabis. There is also a new trend for product placement by vaping brands in video games as this is a simply massive market catering to an audience that is ripe for targeting. So, next time you enjoy a game, enjoy a vape too!