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Rumor: Vanquish 2 Could Be Coming As An Xbox One Exclusive

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Microsoft and SEGA could be developing a new exclusive for the Xbox One platform of the Redmond company, and it would be the sequel to Vanquish, one of the most beloved action titles of recent years. Considered as a cult game, it recently upgraded to PC and a few days ago it landed on Xbox One via the backwards-compatibility program.

The rumor comes through Resetera and a tweet from Marcus Sellar, who says that it was the reason for a series of meetings and visits by SEGA executives at the Microsoft offices in Redmond.

Would it be possible? Vanquish is owned by SEGA in terms of licensing, and although PlatinumGames may not develop it, Microsoft may have some other studio engaged in these tasks. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has highlighted on several occasions the preparation of an important plan of exclusive and internal development games such as the first party of great quality that would be shown in the coming months.

If a few weeks ago came the leak that spoke of The Coalition preparing a hypothetical return of Perfect Dark to Xbox, could Vanquish be another of the great video games to be announced facing the exclusive catalog of the console? Microsoft, like Nintendo with the Bayonetta saga, could look for a saga of cult and renown to bring variety and personality to its line of games.

The frantic action title Vanquish premiered on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2010, where it managed to win the players for its approach. Recently, the game was featured with an improved PC version.

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