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Vampyr will have a semi-open world

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Little by little we are discovering more about Vampyr, and in this occasion the narration director of Dontnod, Stephane Beauverger, revealed that the game will have a “semi-open” world.

So during an interview with WCCF Tech, Beauverger clarified that Vampyr will not have an open world, rather it will be a “semi-open” world game. This means that players can go freely throughout London, as most of the sections will be interconnected. However, there will be sites that will be unlocked as the story unfolds. Beauverger also made it clear that the stage will be smaller than Skyrim or a Grand Theft Auto, although he did not give more details about it.

As we mentioned, Vampyr’s main stage is London, and according to Beauverger, the city is recreated based on historical events, so the development team had to obtain some old documentaries and materials to more accurately represent London in 1918.

Another interesting detail of Vampyr is that Beauverger confirmed that there will be 60 different citizens in the game. Each of these characters will have a name, identity, friends, neighbors, families and more. You can interact with them if you like, but you can also kill them, although your actions will have consequences in the game.

For example, if you kill too many citizens you will run out of side quests and, consequently, your character will not progress. In addition, if you kill the citizens very soon the district will reach a “critical health”, this means that the place will be shattered and, in addition to being desolate and without merchants offering improvements, you will only see monsters, guards and vampires.

“There is no good ending or bad ending,” said Beauverger. “The game will not punish you and say you had the bad ending, there is simply a logical end that reflects the actions you made during the game. It is not a morality judgment based on your actions.”

Finally, Beauverger added that once you kill a citizen the game will automatically save your data, so there will be no way to return once you make your decision. The death of any character will be permanent.

Vampyr is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, however, the title does not yet have a precise launch date.