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Vampyr Goes Gold Two Weeks Before Launch

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Are you excited for the premiere of Vampyr? Then we have good news to share: recently the creative team of this adventure announced that Vampyr has reached its Gold stage of development.

But what does it mean that a game is already Gold? In short, this stage of the development process is when a game is ready to be mass produced and sent to stores. That is, there will hardly be anything to prevent Vampyr from being available on the day scheduled for its debut: June 5.

Now, that the game has gone Gold does not necessarily mean that Dontnod will forget about it and start working on other projects. It is very likely that a small team in the studio will continue to work on updates and support.

If you have never heard about Vampyr, we tell you that it is an action game with an action item that is developed by Dontnod Entertainment, a studio best known for its work in Life is Strange. In it, we follow the story of Jonathan Reid, a doctor who after becoming a vampire must overcome moral dilemmas related to his profession and his new nature.

Vampyr is on its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. And what about you, are you excited about the release of the game? What do you most expect from this title? Tell us in the comments below.