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Valve Is Working on Its Own Version of Steam Spy

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Changes in Steam a few months ago caused the known Steam Spy to stop working. The page followed the sales of Steam and was useful to know the success of the games on the Valve platform. Whether intentional or not, Valve seems to want to work on its own version, which will be better than the unofficial one.

Jan-Peter Ewert of Valve has been asked about a plan or idea that offers developers analysis tools such as Steam Spy. Ewert admits that Valve does not provide this service at this time, and criticizes Steam Spy for its lack of precision – it was based on locating public data from user profiles.

In that sense, Ewert stated the following: “I’m essentially trying to explain why we think you need something better than Steam Steam Spy. So, to be clear, we don’t have a business selling iPhones. The only way we make money is if you make good decisions in bringing the right games to the platform, and finding your audience. So, yes, we are very much working on new tools and new ways of getting data out of Steam, and we hope that data can be more accurate and more useful than what SteamSteam Spy previously offered you.”

Quite clear words that surely will end up having visible results in the short or medium term with a useful and safe tool that helps companies and users to know which titles are more or less successful on Steam.