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Valve’s Official Website Mentioned the Arrival of “Top Secret” Upcoming Games


In recent months, Gabe Newell had confirmed that Valve would soon be back to actively produce video games owned by him, unleashing again the hopes of the players who have been waiting for Half-Life 3 or Left for Dead 3 for several years.

Today, Valve’s official website, refreshing in its design and layout, has reported for some minutes some interesting information regarding the projects apparently in the pipeline at the company that Steam owns.
As you can see from the screenshot of the home page of the site that we have reported at the bottom of the news, these words were quoted: “We have some new games in the works, too [referring to Artifact and In the Valley of Gods, after the acquisition of Campo Santo], while others remain top secret.”

Unfortunately, the site is no longer reachable at the time of writing. There is nothing else to do but to wait for any announcements from Valve, that seems to have finally decided to go back to developing new video games for its fans.

Valve, as you probably know, has focused its energies on the Steam platform, this has caused an inevitable “provision” of highly successful IP like Portal, Counter-Strike, and the usual Half-Life, however, it seems that the future will be very different, as the company will not only deal with software but also with hardware.

Talking about the long-awaited Half-Life 3 certainly seems premature, but players can probably return to hope more concretely the return of the series that, at the time, revolutionized the history of the first-person shooter.

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