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Former Valve Employee: Steam Was Killing PC Gaming, Epic Is Saving It

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The arrival of Epic Games Store has caused some stir in the world of gaming. For better or for worse, the distribution platform of Epic Games has managed to make several exclusive games to delay its launch on Steam. This is explained by the advantages it offers for developers with respect to other platforms, which, according to a former employee of Valve, has given vitality to the gaming sector on PC.

Through a series of messages on Twitter, this was made clear by Richard Geldreich, a former employee of Valve, who emphasized that Steam had formed a kind of monopoly in the PC gaming industry, from which it obtained considerable profit. The arrival of Epic Games Store, according to Geldreich, is solving this.

“Steam was killing PC gaming. It was a 30% tax on an entire industry. It was unsustainable. You have no idea how profitable Steam was for Valve. It was a virtual printing press. It distorted the entire company. Epic is fixing this for all gamers,” Geldreich said on Twitter.

As you will remember, since it was formally presented at The Game Awards 2018, Epic Games highlighted the benefit to the developers, since it would give them a greater part of the profits as well as other facilities when publishing their titles there.

“If it was not for Epic the entire industry would be crunching away to support Valve’s 30% revshare,” added Geldreich. “Most of these profits went to a tiny handful of people who could care less about the industry or working conditions. Thank the gaming gods for Epic.”

And if that was not enough, the former employee also confessed that Steam collects significant amounts of virtual information from users and that, despite this, the Epic Games platform is not criticized as they are with Valve’s.

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