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Valve is set to launch the Steam Explorers program

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The English YouTuber “TotalBiscuit” recently visited the headquarters of Valve, and on this occasion he became aware of the program called “Steam Explorers” that will soon be launched with the aim to find and exploit hidden gems in the catalog store.

Great changes are coming on Steam. Thanks to the information offered by the channel TotalBiscuit, we know that Valve intends to improve the game recommendation system of its digital platform, and among the great innovations the system highlights the Steam Explorers, which will give the opportunity to those users who are registered to become a sort of reporter, with access to a series of pre-selected games that, yes, they will have to buy, but with certain advantages.

Valve is studying to reward these fans, whose job will be to create opinion about the titles that come to Steam, giving them access to exclusive forums, unique gifts and, apparently, also eliminate the limit to request reimbursement for the purchase of a video game that does not meet expectations (one per week).

It gives the sensation that Steam Explorers recovers the spirit with which Steam Greenlight was born, being a good catalyst that gives visibility to video games well valued by the members of this new system.

The company wants to push the “explorers” to flush out deserving titles of attention in a sea of clones, games full of bugs, poor quality products and generally “Fake Games” published by developers just recently only with the aim to raise money quickly and then leave the platform completely.

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In this sense, the company prepares a system that will allow users to access games without having to distribute codes, directly from their account. The development studios themselves will be able to use this new game distribution system in the future when it is operational.