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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Teaser Trailer Released

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Sega released a first video of the fourth episode of the Valkyria Chronicles series, RPG game initially taking place during Second World War. Called Valkyria: Azure Revolution, the title will bring some changes in the franchise.

The series initiated in 2008 on PS3, Valkyria Chronicles is preparing to return on gaming console after three three components out on PSP. This fourth episode, called Valkyria: Azure Revolution, will offer a gameplay that will settle with the previous games.

Valkyria Azure Revolution Screenshot
Valkyria Azure Revolution Screenshot

Indeed, the game no ​​longer opt for a decision grip of Tactical-RPG, but will be oriented more towards a good dynamic approach, using a combat system in real time. On the other hand, the artistic style will be similar to a moving canvas. There will be two protagonists: Amleth and Ophelia.

Powered by Media Vision and published by SEGA, there will be demo of Valkyria: Azure Revolution in the remastering of Valkyria Chronicles to be released on February 10 on sale in Japan.

Anyway, the first trailer released by Sega confirms that the graphics rendering sketch will still apply, but using a new graphics engine called GOUACHE. Valkyria: Azure Revolution is currently announced for the end of 2016 in Japan, exclusively on PS4.