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Valkyria: Azure Revolution another public demo available soon in Japan

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Valkyria: Azure Revolution will receive a third demonstration in Japan, and will be available for all users.

Valkyria Azure Revolution

Sega will publish a freely available demo of Valkyria Azure Revolution. Unfortunately, the game was still not confirmed for the West.

According to producer Youichi Shimosato, “We released Ver. 2.0 of the Battle Demo on 6 October, and starting next week we’ll be holding hands-on experience events across the country. In the future, we’re planning to provide one more, additional demo. At that time, we’re planning for everyone to be able to enjoy it, rather than just a limited amount of users.”

So, the producer Yoichi Shimozato said that a demo is planned which will be available for all players. However, a date or other information was not confirmed by him.

The first demo of the game has already been published, but this was reserved for a small circle. For the first demo it was necessary to acquire Valkyria Chronicles Remaster and second codes could also be achieved during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and various events of Sega.

The development is progressing well and Shimosato says that only small adjustments and bug fixes are needed to be done. Its launch in Japan is scheduled for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on January 19, 2017.

Recall that still no release date is confirmed for this title in the west. Since Valkyria: Azure Revolution has not been announced for the west, a Japanese PSN account will be necessary most likely.

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