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Vainglory for Android download now available

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Vainglory, a new android based game, is finally available on Google Play for free. The game developer Super Evil Megacorp has made this unique game with impressive graphics and story line. The game lets you to use different characters and use their power to simply attack and destroy the enemy. The game is also having a multiplayer mode where at a time around a pack of 3 players can compete with each other.

Vainglory Android Game Pics
Vainglory Android Game Pics

The game also features a free to play mode. That means you won’t have to buy or go for any extra stuff here. You can play this mode as much you want. The game also offers you nice graphics and amazing controls. Each match in the game is around 20 minutes. You get a lot of combination to make your game character strong and deal with the enemies. If you want you can simply enter into spectator mode and see how your friends compete with each other.

The game has a lot of new features and heroes. It also offers you a trading section where you can trade hero skins and get some upgrades. Vainglory has in-app purchases also. It is a nice arcade style game that offers you a huge word to explore and deal with various enemies. It is also important that you must have a pretty decent device to run this. It is a 60fps high graphics game that might not perform well on mid-range Android devices. There is a short trailer on Google Play that you can watch to find out the gameplay of Vainglory.

Download Vainglory for Android from this link.