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USGA Transfers Media Rights Back to NBC From Fox Sports

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As you know, Fox has the media rights for all USGA championships. All of this changed on June 29, when the USGA transferred all its media rights back over to NBC. NBC gets back sports rights and this has been making headlines ever since. Now, Fox sports is no longer the media rights holder for all USGA championships. Fox had these rights for the last 12 years as per a 1-billion-dollar deal that was inked between Fox and USGA. NBC Universal has now bagged this contract and it is effective immediately. As of June 29, you will no longer be able to see USGA championships on Fox Sports. NBC will now be broadcasting the U.S. Open which will start in September. NBC will also telecast the two scheduled U.S. championships for amateurs.


NBC gets back USGA sports rights from Fox

The USGA had to postpone the U.S. Open by 4 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was scheduled for June, but will now be held in September. Fox News lost its 12-year-old contract with the USGA due to this. Fox Sports was finding it hard to accommodate the USGA championships despite having the media rights. They couldn’t find the required broadcasting hours since they have other commitments too. Fox needs to broadcast MLB, college football, and NFL events during the same time frame. The USGA authorities could see this problem. Fox and the NBC/Golf Channel did initiate talks towards working together. However, NBC Universal ended up taking over from Fox completely.

NBC will telecast the U.S. women’s amateur championship from August 3, which will take place at Rockville in Maryland. The venue for this is the Woodmont Country Club. Next week onwards, the men’s championship will start in Oregon. This will be held at a different venue which is the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

The USGA had put its events on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it faces a swamped calendar with a shorter season. The last event on USGA’s calendar is the 75th edition of the U.S. Women’s Open which begins on December 10. NBC will be exclusively telecasting all these events from now on.

A lucrative deal

NBC has bagged a lucrative deal from the USGA. The USGA is tight-lipped about the details and isn’t revealing much due to the details being confidential. However, some USGA officials state the deal is as long as the one with Fox. This means that the deal is valid until December 31, 2026. The financial endowments allotted to the USGA are also the same as earlier.

Mike Davis, the CEO of USGA says that this deal will allow the USGA to leave a lasting impact on the game. He also says this a grand opportunity that hasn’t ever come up before. NBC did have USGA broadcasting rights between 1994 and 2013 earlier.

Final Thoughts

Now, the USGA fan within you needs to tune in to NBC to watch the championships. NBC’s previous experience with the USGA will help them in making this into a fruitful collaboration. Amateur and women’s championships will benefit from this shift since Fox mainly focused on the main USGA championships.