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US Women Soccer Team Lawsuit Finally Comes to a Partial Settlement

US Women Soccer Team

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The US Soccer Federation and the team players have come to a settlement regarding the US women soccer team lawsuit. It was about the female players’ different working conditions and the men’s team and their unequal pay scale.

The filing parties finally submitted a settlement notice to the Los Angeles federal court. Moreover, the parties state that they agree with R. Gary Klausner, the US District Judge. The final deal with the champion women’s team and the governing sports body includes several amenities. For example, charter flights, staff support, venue selection, and hotel accommodation are major ones.

Cindy Parlow Cone states that she hopes the women’s team and their lawyers understand that her team is trying to implement new laws. Cone is a former player and also the first woman to become USSF President. She adds that they want to move in a different direction. However, things will take time. Moreover, Cone mentions that her relationship with the women’s team is different. Besides, the changes are evident to the women as well now.

The US women soccer team lawsuit against the USSF began in March 2019. According to the female players, they do not receive payment according to the joint bargaining statement. However, the men’s team receives proper remuneration as per their agreement. Moreover, this is not ethical because the women’s agreement is valid till 2021, and the of men has already expired in 2018. The women’s soccer team’s demands were $66 million in damage control per the Equal Pay Act. Moreover, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also supports demand.


Dismissal of the US women soccer team lawsuit

Earlier in May this year, Judge Klausner dismissed the US women soccer team lawsuit. According to him, the women were rejecting a legit pay-to-play payment system. It was the same structure that the men’s soccer team follows too. Instead, the women were demanding much higher base salaries and benefits than the men’s team. However, Klausner agreed to consider their unequal working conditions claim. The hearing for the same will take place next month. After all the issues come to a settlement, the players may urge the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals to restore their wage claims.

According to spokesperson Molly Levinson, everyone is proud that the women’s team fought for their rights. Moreover, the team authorities are happy for their achievement in the law journey till now. She also adds that their next step will be to file their appeal regarding their central concern.

Levinson states that there is no denying that women players always got less payment than men for the same job. Molly Levinson says that the female players are committed to achieving the equal pay that they deserve in every way. Moreover, it is essential to set an example for the future generation of young girls who will join the Federation. Plus, it is the present generation’s responsibility to make football a better place for everyone else who plays for the country in the future.

The determination and strength of the women’s team are impressive

The lawsuit garnered more international attention after winning the World Cup last year in Lyon, France. As the players were celebrating after their victory, all they were chanting was “Equal Pay!” Earlier in May, Joe Biden appreciates the women’s team and tells them to carry on with their fight. Biden, who was the then-Presidential candidate, also warned the Federation to come to a settlement. Otherwise, he told them to go to someone else for the 2026 men’s world Cup funding. The 2026 tournament will be co-hosted by Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Although the World Cup does not get total government funding, the authorities take care of security assistance. During the court sessions, the USSF continually stated that the women players were not as efficient as their male counterparts. The sponsors are criticizing the Federation after the revelation of this argument. Moreover, after former President of Federation Carlos Cordeiro resigned, Parlow Cone took over his position. She will be in charge of the 2022 regular election.

It is time for victory for the US women’s soccer team

According to the women’s union’s recent statement, the plaintiffs agree to provide similar working conditions from now onwards. The Players Association also states that they have a commitment from the plaintiffs regarding equal pay for equal work. Moreover, the union is sure that the US women soccer team lawsuit will help make the game better for future players.

The USSF agrees to approve equal amenities for all players irrespective of their genders, including chartered flights. Moreover, the Federation will ensure a comparable accommodation budget for both the teams. Plus, women will get the best hotels to stay in during international tournaments. Besides, the new CEO of USSF, Will Wilson, states that women will also get equal pay based on the men’s team’s next labor contract.

The Federation will ensure that the venues and playing surfaces for women’s matches will be just like that of men’s. The pitch issue started earlier in 2015 when the US women soccer team refused to play an exhibition match. It was against Trinidad and Tobago, and the reason was Honolulu’s artificial turf. Moreover, FIFA also organized the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada on artificial turf. However, the men’s World Cup was played on natural grass as usual. Finally, both the teams will get equal support staff too.

FIFA announces good news!

While the US women soccer team lawsuit is coming to a settlement, FIFA is also changing their perspective. Unlike earlier, they are now planning to increase the prize money for the women’s team. While the total budget for world cup prize money was $400 million the last time, it has now become $440 million. The budget includes the prize money of both the men’s and women’s teams and the runners-up. Moreover, FIFA decides to double the amount for the female players this time.

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