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Urban Trial Freestyle 2 will soon come to Nintendo 3DS

Some of you may know Urban Trial Freestyle, something that would not be surprising considering the success of the game. For this reason we should not be surprised by the news that we bring now: its developer has announced a sequel to the game exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 is “coming soon” to the system of Nintendo 3DS, as announced by the development studio Tate Multimedia. This game consists the continuation of the original title that was published in 2013 on the platforms of PC, PS Vita, PS3 and Nintendo 3DS.

As in the first installment, in  Urban Trial Freestyle 2 our main objective will be to fly above numerous obstacles with motorbikes and to arrive safe and sound to the goal. The Skate Park, Highway, Urban Parkour, Industrial or The Suburbs are some of the scenarios that we can find in this title.

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 includes 80 new levels and Stunt and Time Attack modes. It also has a track editor for players to create their levels and share them online for testing by other people. It has also been confirmed that there is a competitive mode of time that can be played online against friends and that we can customize our motorcycle with different elements and our avatar with numerous suits.

At the moment, the title has no confirmed release date, but it is scheduled to be released in early 2017, in the first quarter of the year.

We leave you with its trailer below:

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