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Until Dawn Patch 1.03 weighing around 10GB size download available now

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Until Dawn Patch 1.03 will be the next major update for the game. The game is already out and it is already making news due to its exclusive horror gameplay. There are also ample of videos that will explain you how the game actually is.

Until Dawn Patch 1.03 Notes
Until Dawn Patch 1.03 Notes

Until Dawn game is having stunning graphics with impressive storyline. With this the game is also going to get a new patch. The patch version is 1.03 and the size will be around 10GB. Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive game. The game is quite amazing as it looks in its gameplay video. The patch will be released to fix a lot of in-game and other performance related problems. 10GB size is quite a large size. This indicates the patch is going to carry some major fixes in the game.

You can check the Until Dawn Patch 1.03 notes below and from the official FAQ page:

  • Addressed issue of not getting the Ashley Snaps trophy.
  • Addressed issue of not getting The Exorcism of Emily trophy.
  • Addressed issue of inability to invert the Y-axis controls for the right stick.
  • Addressed the issue of game crashing when using the Episode Select menu.
  • Addressed the issue of players unable to unlock final Bonus Content movie at the end of the game.
  • Addressed the issue where players get stuck when Chris is in the Hanging Shed. Quit the game and then select Continue to carry on from a safe position.
  • Addressed the issue where players get stuck when Ashley is in the tunnels to the Sanatorium. The fix will be affected once players reload the game.
  • Addressed the issue where the sound is slowed down and distorted in Episode 9.
  • Fixes various bugs.
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