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Until Dawn Patch 1.01 download available on PS4

Until Dawn game receives a new patch 1.01 version. This is a kind of tiny patch that is around 46MB in size. The patch will offer some tiny fixes that would make the game work a little better on PS4.

Until Dawn game is already released worldwide. This tiny patch will resolve minor bugs of the same and doesn’t reveal much in the changelog. It is a PS4 exclusive game that offers survival horror gameplay. The game is based on a plot where few friends are lost in a trip to a remote cabin. The group of friends are lost and stuck in a place where it is not possible to come alive so easily. The game is having a lot of thrill and adventure to checkout. The player will have to make certain life and death decision in order to survive and take out all back safely.

Until Dawn Game Screenshot

Until Dawn game uses a butterfly effect system that would let you to get a lot of challenging situations. Your every decision will put an impact on the game storyline. The game is having a pretty unique gameplay. There are certain gameplay videos on YouTube that shows you how this game really is. It is mostly a dialogue based game that takes you to different levels and new situations are created due to that. The game was actually first planned to be released on PS3 and then it was pulled back and re-introduced on PS4. The game looks pretty impressive through trailers and gameplay videos on YouTube.

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