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Until Dawn Game – Aftermath trailer

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Until Dawn is a new horror game that is going to release soon. A new trailer called Aftermath is out that will tell you a lot about the same. The trailer just brings a glimpse and will tell that it would be really horrific in terms of gameplay. The game is based on simple storyline. There are 8 friends who went on a trip and get stuck on a mountain. They are alone and no one is there for rescue. As the time goes on, the internal survival instinct pampers thoughts and brings some of the most exciting twist in this game. Those friends have to fight with their fear in order to get out of the place. And they are trying their best to come out of it. The game offers you different players to choose from. You can one by one play all 8 friends in the game and you will see their lives through their perspective. A single decision would be a cause of life and death. Here you have to make choices that can put major impact on others life. So you have to take maximum precaution.

Until Dawn Game Screenshot
Until Dawn Game Screenshot

The gameplay is based on finding answers for your survival. The game is having amazing graphics quality. And it is loaded with lots of thrill and horror. That will surely shake you up. It is a PlayStation Exclusive game that will be coming only on PS4. The release date for this game is set to August 25th. Checkout the trailer below that will provide you a glimpse of the gameplay: