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Until Dawn “128 Days Until Available” bug fix on PS4 is now getting investigated by Sony, possible workaround available

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Until Dawn game landed with new errors on PS4 that has annoyed many gamers. The game was released on August 25th. The game worked well for some players but there are also others on PlayStation forums who had complained about an error that is causing the game to lock on the screen. When players are trying to play Until Dawn on PS4 then they are getting “128 Days Until Available” error and it does not move further. There are certain fixes provided by Sony but that is also not working in all consoles. There will be a patch or fix coming soon for the same. Sony is in the process to resolve the issue.

Until Dawn Screenshot
Until Dawn Screenshot

It is a bit weird to find this error in a new game. The error flashes on the screen when players are trying to login in the game. To resolve the issue you can try the below workaround and check if it works for you.

First you need to go in PlayStation Store and from there you can get a free version of Until Dawn. If you had already done this just try back once again. Now you need to download the file on your system, incase if it is already downloaded then skip this step. After this you have to go in the Restore Licenses option under Settings and choose PSN from here and then click on Account Management and then click on Restore Licenses. Once again try starting the game. It might work and won’t give you the error again. But there is no surety that this process is going to work in this game. This fix can be a kind of temporary resolution.

Sony is trying to resolve this issue in Until Dawn but yet they had not said anything whether they will be releasing any kind of patch for this game or not. Until Dawn just came out yesterday and let us hope that within this week we get a fix to solve this error.