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Unreal Engine 4.15 update adds Nintendo Switch official support

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Epic Games has released an update to its famous graphics engine, Unreal Engine 4, which adds support for Nintendo Switch. Although the Japanese developer is working on for some time now on the platform, today’s update of Unreal Engine 4.15 makes it official.

A new version of the Unreal Engine 4.15 is now available, which also includes support for the Nintendo Switch. Epic Games, through the blog dedicated to the latest version of its well-known engine, has revealed the improvements that we will see in the Unreal Engine 4.15 version, the innovations included in several technical aspects and its arrival to the platform of Nintendo.

Of course, this version is still in experimental phase, although they hope to be able to make available to the developers a more advanced version in a future release.

Thanks to this innovation you can expect on Switch several titles that make use of this Engine created by Epic Games, thus opening new opportunities for third-party developers, which does not support it partially decreed with the failure of the Wii U.

In addition, more and more Japanese developers are impracticable with the tools used by the producers of Western video games, and it is reasonable to expect, therefore, a strong adoption of the graphics engine also from Eastern developer.

In addition to the aforementioned support for the new hybrid console of the house of Kyoto, the update 4.15 makes improvements to the stability, a progressed development cycle and a reduction of the loading time.

Recall that Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3rd at a price of $299.99 USD.