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Unravel Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer revealed

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Electronic Arts has released a new trailer to Unravel, one of the most original games coming to PC and gaming consoles next year in 2016. The title of the independent studio Coldwood Interactive presents its new scenario.

Presented a few months ago, Unravel marked the players because of its originality and atmosphere from what it emerges. We owe this breath of fresh air to the studio Coldwood Interactive. EA has, as usual, although smelled the vein and decided to edit this promising title.

Unravel Game Screenshot
Unravel Game Screenshot

The American publisher has released a new video of the game, highlighting the screenplay part of the adventure of our little character made ​​of wool. This is Martin Sahlin, the discreet founder and creative director of the studio, who had the idea to make Unravel, a game in which it embodies Yarni, a small figure made ​​of wool. Beautiful and poetic, it is not similar to a simple platform game in looks but should appeal to a wide audience, especially when the outputs do not really scramble at the time of its arrival on download platforms.

Recall that it is a simple adventure platform game with puzzles, as it will be necessary to think of the use of wool yarned to progress in environments conducive to all dangers.

Unravel will be released on February 9, 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, only in digital format.

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