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Universal Pictures Wants To Bring The Fast And The Furious Franchises To Video Games

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Universal Pictures is a company that holds the rights to many iconic film franchises. If you’re a fan of any of them, we think you’ll be happy to know that they have plans to bring them to the world of video games.

In a talk with GameInformer, Chris Heatherly, vice president of gaming at Universal, explained that they have a new goal in the video game industry: take advantage of the attractiveness of their franchises to get new consumers in this market.

“The goal is to make a bigger push into gaming. Just cause we have so much IP that’s unexploited in games, but it’s a really great fit. We have the mega-franchises like Jurassic World and Fast and the Furious, we have stuff like the Universal monsters that goes back decades, we have the horror stuff with Blumhouse, we have the animated stuff with Illumination and Dreamworks. It’s really a broad portfolio,” he said.

Now, the members of Universal Pictures know that forming a studio that starts creating large productions is not a piece of cake. This is why their strategy to bring their franchises to the industry is to find key alliances with talented developers and support them with marketing or access to big names in Hollywood.

“When you have IP, you don’t need to own the development capacity. We’ll be going deeper into the console space in the next couple of years (…) Wherever people are playing games, we want them to be able to play Jurassic games… Expect a ton more [games], and we’re going to make high-quality stuff and we’re going to work with great partners,” Heatherly concluded.

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Keep in mind that Universal Pictures efforts to venture into the video game industry have already paid off. What we are referring to is that last year it debuted The Mummy: Demastered, an acclaimed side-scrolling title. In addition, it recently revealed 2 new games of Jurassic World – Evolution and Alive – that will arrive this year. Another important point is that rumors have been surfacing for some time to ensure that a Fast and Furious title is in development.

Which Universal franchises would you like to be adapted to the world of video games? Tell us in the comments below.