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Unity Support for XBox One X Announced

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Unity, one of the most popular graphics engineers among independent developers, received a new upgrade that includes support for Xbox One X, the new “premium” console from Microsoft releasing on November 7th.

Unity Technology, a manufacturer of the famous Unity graphic engine, has today confirmed that its graphics engine will fully support the development for Xbox One X. So nowadays, developers who use the fully-fledged engine, will be able to start creating their own creations with the new Microsoft console.

According to the description on the official blog of Unity, the engine will allow a comfortable project management for the entire family of Xbox One consoles, making it much easier to support the new console of Microsoft designed for 4K.

As specified by the same company, development for Xbox One X is the same as developing for Xbox One or Xbox One S. While staying on the Xbox One, a few days ago it was reported the launch of the test phase of the new Xbox One Interface, currently available as a trial version only for Xbox Insider members, a real beta tester for Microsoft’s featured newsletters.

Epic Games has also recently conducted a similar operation with its graphics engine, updating the Unreal Engine 4 with support for Xbox One X (currently talking about “initial support” designed to become complete in the course of next months).

Xbox One X is available for pre-order on Amazon (Microsoft does not exclude the possible announcement of promotions and bundle with 4K panels).

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