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The United States treats China as if it were Germany.

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The anti-Beijing sentiment is deliberately raising by an imperialist America, its supine allies, and supporting oligarchs. But it is only selfish propaganda that called. Here you know about the United States treats China. China is in the information every day now. Here in Australia today, we are pretending to be offended because a Chinese tabloid has released the charge that our nation is a “giant kangaroo that acts as a US dog”. However, we all know that it is entirely accurate and we should be flattered that at least they said “giant”.


Anti-Chinese sentiment is creating for the treats china

Before then, we outraged by a hefty barley tariff in response to our facilitation of America’s global anti-Chinese spin campaign. Washington turns out to be fooling us as it turns out. Anti-Chinese sentiment booming in Australia, Murdoch, State. Department-funded think tanks specifically gearing to manipulating Chinese fiction. Our deep-rooted racism and xenophobia. Due to its geographic location, the U.S. military/intelligence resource, conventionally known as Australia, was an important focal point for the US centralized empire’s propaganda campaign against the most potent unabsorbed nation in the world.

Propaganda is using to advance this world war.

China is always in the news now, and it’s not because of any viruses. It’s not because of Hong Kong; it’s not because of the Uyghurs, it’s not because of intellectual property violations or anything else, irrelevant to the excuses fueled as to why the Chinese government considered the latest current Hitler suddenly. In a conventional war, each side has clear military objectives that everyone understands, and weapons naturally moved according to these objectives. In this strange world war in slow motion, nobody understands what is going on besides the leading power players and those who are paying close attention.

Political factions are occurring  during coronavirus

United States treats China

They appear different and unrelated when viewed individually. You will see various political factions that support some of these agendas but not others. The only thing that unites this slow-motion towards the destruction. The absorption of all unabsorbed nations is carefully constructing propaganda narratives. The way these unifying propaganda narratives operate is simple. It would never happen to citizens to classify.  They think that a nation on the other side of the planet that is practically doing its own thing sanctioned. They subverted and taken to the limit. Hence, the imperialist oligarchs who own the media make sure everyone powered by narrations tailored. According to one’s ideological echo chamber to prevent any domestic inertia from being lunching on these programs.

Final word

Once there is enough agreement that Saddam the campaign to subvert, sabotage and absorb that government quietly intensified.

If you can understand points one and two, you can understand everything that is happening with China.  All that will continue to happen. Propaganda narratives launched with growing aggression.

Which has the long-term goal of alienating China from its allies, injuring its economic interests?  Preventing it from rising to actual superpower status and creating a multipolarity world. Finally, you got the answer of United States treats China.