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Uncharted 4 incorporates Stealth Elements from The Last of Us

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Looking forward to the release of a game that may be the last of Uncharted franchise? To help calm the anxiety, more news was revealed on the game which opens on April 26, especially with regard to their combat moments.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

In an interview with Examiner, Waylon Brinck, technical art director of Uncharted 4, talked about some features related to the opponents present in the title: “The enemies are smarter. We’ve taken a lot of the stealth elements from The Last of Us and brought them in so the player has more choices in combat. You can actually avoid an enemy, lose their line of sight and just sneak past them, and not even have to encounter them.”

According to Brinck, the game will feature an artificial intelligence much more accurate and realistic, the most reactive already used in the series.

Some games allow the player to abuse predictable strategies, but this is not the case with Uncharted 4. The lead animator, Jeremy Yates, talked about how the game does not want its players stand still in hiding just waiting for the action to reach them, but the game forces you to play it innovatively.

“We didn’t want a game where you sit behind one piece of cove and sit there with the ‘stop and pop,’ you’re shooting. We really want you to move through the environment, to outsmart them, to flank them, for them to be able to chase you around and just have that constant motion,” said Yates.

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