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UK Video Games Market Generated Nearly £6Billion in 2018

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According to data collected by UKIE, video games sales in the UK in 2018 marked an important record, totaling 5.7 billion pounds.

The video game market in England seems to be very healthy, with collections of 5.7 billion pounds during 2018, slightly up on the previous year.

The figure refers to the earnings of the entire sector and therefore includes consoles, hardware, accessories, services and video games. Games in digital format are growing thanks to the great success of Fortnite while retail is losing 2.6% and in particular the used market has fallen by 30.8% compared to twelve months ago.

Mobile is growing by 8.2%, as are console sales (+6.5%), PC hardware (+18.4%) and peripherals (19.9%). The Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is down, with sales of VR viewers down by 20.9% despite the many price cuts and generally more affordable costs than in 2017.

The infographic that can you find at the bottom is pretty clear: digital and online games, well represented by Fortnite, have recorded a +20.3%, while retail sales of games have suffered a slight decrease of 2.6%.

With 50% of the total software revenues that comes from digital, the United Kingdom is certainly one of the most successful digital delivery markets even if this trend is occurring in virtually every key country for our favorite medium.

With a future that increasingly focuses on services such as PlayStation Now, Project xCloud and with the arrival of Google Stadia, the future of the used market seems increasingly black.

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