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UK Sales Chart: Detroit Become Human Oust God of War from Number 1 Position

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Detroit Become Human has ousted God of War from number 1 in the UK after five consecutive weeks of Kratos at the top of the charts.

It is the tenth exclusive title of PS4 other than to achieve a number one on the UK sales charts this year. Detroit Become Human has had a similar reception to Beyond: Two Souls, but has sold almost four times less physical copies than Heavy Rain in its day.

Both number 2 (State of Decay 2) and number 3 (Dark Souls Remastered) have been very close to Detroit Become Human. In fact, the difference between Detroit and State of Decay 2 is just 4,000 copies.

God of War falls to number 5 despite a 5% increase in sales and FIFA 18 loses two positions but increases 59% in sales compared to the previous week after a price decline. In general, it has been a week of increases in the Top 10: 59% for Far Cry 5, 710% for Overwatch, 96% for Destiny 2, 66% for Fallout 4 and 11% for Mario Kart 8.

The only release outside the Top 10 was Space Hulk: Deathwing for PS4 in 19th place.

This is the Top 10 of the week, with the position of the previous week in the bracket:

1. Detroit: Become Human (New)
2. State of Decay 2 (New)
3. Dark Souls Remastered (New)
4. FIFA 18 (2)
5. God of War (1)
6. Far Cry 5 (5)
7. Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition (40)
8. Destiny 2 (13)
9. Fallout 4 (12)
10. Mario Kart 8: Deluxe (8)

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