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Rumor: Ubisoft Working on a New Triple-A Tron Game

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A rumor today brings us to the knowledge that a new TRON game from Ubisoft could be under development. According to the rumors reported, the title in question should be an open-world role-playing game being developed at the World Wide Studios in Ubisoft.

The development of the game should have started for the first time at Ubisoft Shanghai about 3 years ago, but it is just that the production has taken fast pace with the help of other studios to assist in the project.

The single player of the title and the online will be connected. Different weapons will be available in combat such as ID disks, swords, shields, guns etc.

The character will be a reflection of the player and can be strongly customized in several ways. The online sector will be very expansive with an arena-style PVP system. The combat will be very “skill-based” and the aesthetics seem to be closer to the film TRON: Legacy than the original.

The launch date is scheduled for 2021 and it will be released on current-gen consoles but the focus is also on the next-gen consoles. we would like to underline that none of the news was made officially by Ubisoft, so we will urge you to take this news for what it is: a rumor.

If this comes out to be true, will you be happy to play a Tron Game? Tell us in the comments below.