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Ubisoft will not release Avatar Game before 2020

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The recent announcement of the Avatar game created by Massive Entertainment with the same engine of The Division, the Snowdrop, has inflamed the imagination of many supporters of James Cameron’s saga.

Ubisoft has provided an update on its major releases for the next two years, including the new Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry 5 and more. Not included in the update was the Avatar game of Massive, and so Ubisoft has clarified that players should not expect it in the next few years.

During the call for financial results of the publisher, plans have been outlined to launch eight AAA games in the next two years, but the Avatar game will not be one of them. In a statement sent to IGN, a Ubisoft representative confirmed that there are no plans to launch the game well before the debut date of Avatar 2, which is scheduled for December 2020.

According to Ubisoft, the new game of Avatar “will not be released before the fiscal year 2021.” As far as the company’s financial calendar is concerned, this means that we will not see the game before April 1, 2020.

“Avatar is one of the biggest and most powerful entertainment brands,” the statement said. “Our first game was profitable and we have great plans for the new one, with a very strong studio and engine.”

“The movie will be released end of 2020, so our game won’t be released before FY21.”

This will be the second Avatar game published by Ubisoft, after Avatar: The Game, release in 2009, which coincided with the original movie. Ubisoft’s comment indicates that the plan is to launch the game in conjunction with the next sequels, although no information has been provided about whether the game will be an adaptation of the upcoming Avatar films or it will be an original story.

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The debut dates of the next four sequels of Avatar were announced just recently  with the first, Avatar 2, coming in 2020, and Avatar 5 only in 2025.