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Ubisoft Teases rumored game Far Cry Primal coming soon

The next game coming up by Ubisoft seems to be named as “Far Cry Primal”. There is a small teaser out that shows a glimpse of a pre-historic culture. But this teaser does not explain much about the game. It is rather an announcement made by Ubisoft that is coming soon.

Far Cry Primal Leak – IGN Turkey

As per some information on the web, Far Cry Primal or the next version of Far Cry will take place in the Ice Age time, most probably as per the teaser we had seen. You can checkout the same teaser trailer at the end of this article. The video is actually a kind of live streaming. And it is marked as coming soon. There are chances that this video will remain for less time but it looks quite impressive. Just a few months ago the most recent version of Far Cry 4 was out and it is obvious that the next edition will be most probably next year.

The video only shows just some cave paintings. There are chances that this might be a kind of mistake or done for some reason to increase the game popularity. The most recent version Far Cry 4 was quite a hit. It takes you to the Himalayas region and takes you to some adventurous mission. The game also got new DLC. The most recent one was Far Cry 4 Valley of the Yetis DLC. So if we talk about the next version then there is already a long time. The game is getting much better in each edition. Watch the Far Cry Primal teaser trailer below:

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