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Ubisoft Spain Teases a Splinter Cell Tweet, Announcement Coming Soon?

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Fans have been asking for a new Splinter Cell game for years, which Ubisoft may eventually come to terms with after a long hassle and push.

At least the Twitter channel of Ubisoft Spain currently provides for appropriate speculation, which has published again a picture of Sam Fisher. What they are aiming for can only be speculated so far.

The tweet is commented with the words as following: “You need to understand the darkness in order to face it… #SamFisher”. Neither the image nor the phrase gives us more context about the purpose of this Tweet, however, fans already have in mind a huge network of theories and speculations.

Most recently, Ubisoft has repeatedly emphasized that the Splinter Cell brand is still important to the French company and that the studio will return to it in due course. Instead, they repeatedly released the same brands, like Ghost Recon or Assassin’s Creed, or support existing games for years.

At least there is some hope that Splinter Cell is not completely forgotten and that it will soon be back.

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