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Ubisoft Delays Skull & Bones Until Next Fiscal Year

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Skull & Bones, the naval combat game, developed by Ubisoft Singapore and announced at E3 2017, is delayed until next fiscal year, that is, it will reach PC, PS4, and Xbox One stores sometime between April 2019 and March 2020.

The information comes from the financial report of the year 2017-2018 of Ubisoft, where they explain that the French company has given more time to develop Skull & Bones in order to offer players an even more captivating experience.

In the same document, the company announced that this fiscal year (before April 2019) they will publish three AAA games: The Crew 2, The Division 2 and an unannounced title of a franchise. The company expects that between those three titles they will sell about 19 million units.

The report leaves us other interesting information about the company, as it has more than 88 million active users among its PC and console games players.

In addition, digital sales are growing for Ubisoft – the digital market already accounts for 58% of its business. These accounts include full games and microtransactions, DLCs, Season Pass, subscriptions, and advertising.

The French company also highlights the growth in sales of games launched in the past, thanks to digital stores such as Uplay and the offers of third-party stores.

Of the games that will arrive this year, The Crew 2 will be the first to do so, because on June 29 it will debut on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – and will have closed beta at the end of the month. For The Division 2, we do not know more than the logo and that 1,000 people working on it. We will have to wait for E3 2018 to know more details.

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