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Ubisoft will buy back 4m shares to fend off Vivendi takeover

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The French conglomerate Vivendi continues to put pressure on Ubisoft; however, the video game company has a new measure to counteract it and avoid hostile buying. As you will remember, recently the founders of Ubisoft bought more than 2 million of their shares available in the market. Despite this, the company will start a new program to ensure that Vivendi does not get away with it.

So, Ubisoft announced an investment service with which it will buy back even more of its shares. This system will be in charge of one of its service providers and will allow Ubisoft to acquire between 4 million of its own shares. This will happen from today, October 5, until December 29th.

With this measure, they seek not only to own a greater part of the company, but also to prevent other shareholders from acquiring part of Ubisoft, including Vivendi, of course. Thanks to this, the Guillemot family will have more opportunities to keep the company. Yves Guillemot, the executive manager of Ubisoft, has sought the support of several investors, who have responded positively.

For his part, Vivendi does not seem to give up. According to reports, Vivendi plans to acquire Ubisoft by the end of this year. If this does not happen, it is almost certain that Vivendi will continue to struggle to acquire 30% of the shares of the video game company. Once this point is reached, French law will put Ubisoft on the market and Vivendi’s ideal opportunity will be to buy it at a price below its real value.

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Meanwhile, Ubisoft continues to work on titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Yesterday we saw a new trailer and a gameplay of this action title. On the other hand, Microsoft announced Xbox One S bundles with a digital copy of Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

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