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Ubisoft bans 1500 players of For Honor for AFK farming

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Ubisoft recently warned For Honor players to point out that it would take severe measures with those who farmed experience and booty without playing. This week, the distributor complied with its word and banned thousands of users who used this technique to progress.

If you’ve already been a For Honor player you know that to get experience points and objects all you need to do is complete multiplayer matches. Naturally, many people decided to abuse this system by using various methods – such as putting a league in control – so that the characters reach the end of the encounters without being expelled for inactivity.

Have you used any of these methods? Peacefully, Ubisoft gives you the opportunity to start doing things right. For now, the company only banned 1500 users for 3 days and will send warnings to 4000 players who have been detected as farmers.

Of course, Ubisoft made it clear that it will have tolerance or with all the players that use trap tools to exploit this type of farming. The above, as doing so goes against your Code of Conduct, so it will result in a permanent ban.

The big problem with this situation is that it affects the experience of many players who only look to have a good time in For Honor. Note that For Honor is not the only game that has gone through a similar problem in recent weeks, as Blizzard had to also implement measures to end the farming experience in custom games of Overwatch.

For Honor is now already available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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What do you think of these measures? Do you think they will end the farmer’s experience in For Honor? Tell us in the comment section below.